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Covered Lead Pipe

Dynamics Brace

High-Speed Bow

Twisted Ring

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aiolia master of wind


The dream: Creating the world’s best trumpets.

Master of Winds : AIOLIA (Line-up)

The state-of-the-art trumpet powered by the most advanced acoustic design.

What should the ultimate trumpet be like?
The AIOLIA embodies Shinji’s concept of the perfect trumpet. Aiolia was the god of the wind in Greek mythology, who lived on a floating island and was able to control the power of the wind. Best Brass’ AIOLIA collection was named after that god, and can produce rich powerful, yet majestic sound, which is also smooth and graceful.
Like its name sake, AIOLIA trumpets dominate the wind, and the tone produced will resonate throughout the entire concert hall. You owe it to yourself to try this ultimate collection of trumpets.

Creative Brass Instrument Design since 1982

The musical invention of Best Brass were the creation of founder, Shinji Hamanaga, and were created in the city of Hamamatsu in central Japan; a city famed for producing world-class musical instruments.
During his career at Yamaha Shinji designed almost every type of brass instrument from tubas to trumpets and was awarded 17 patents in brass design. In fact, trumpets designed Shinji were used by both trumpeters of Canadian Brass, Fred Mills and Ronald Romm, and horns designed by Shinji were used by Gerd Seifert and Johannes Ritzkowsky.
In 1999, as trumpet player himself, Shinji founded Best Brass with his dream in mind: “To create the world’s best trumpet.” This gave him total freedom to pursue his passion for innovation to create the highest quality trumpets; all powered by his remarkable talent and extensive experience.


HAMANAGA Valve System

This new design contains an answer for just about every issue of
conventional trumpets.


The valve structure is the most important part of a brass instrument, but each time you press a valve or use a combination of valves on a traditional trumpet, the tonal character and even response is changed. Shinji spent many years analyzing this problem and experimenting with possible solutions, until he finally came up with the HAMANAGA Valve System.
Though designed purely acoustic reasons, the HAMANAGA Valves are a unique feature which can be distinguished at a glance. The unit look string, yet precise, and visually represents the sound of a Best Brass trumpet.

The ideal taper design can be achieved.

The biggest advantage of HAMANAGA Valve System is that we can have a full control to design an ideal taper of the instrument. While traditional valve systems still has the flaws inherent, we would not need to accept such compromise with the HAMANAGA Valve System. Besides, HAMANAGA Valve System has nothing related to the piston stroke and inner bore size, so players will never get a feeling of strangeness.

Revolutionary in every aspect.

First of all, the rigidity of the casing itself was enhanced which substantially improves the efficiency and reduces a loss of sound in the extreme dynamics. In addition, the inner bore of the valves is in a straight line, and the valve ports are smooth with none of the irregularities found in orthodox valves.

Comparison with a conventional valve system.

Figure1 is the comparison of a conventional valve system with HAMANAGA Valve System. You will instantly notice how smooth the HAMANAGA Valve System is.


AIOLIA Line-up

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アイオリア Bb トランペット
アイオリア C トランペット
アイオリア Eb/Dトランペット
アイオリア ピッコロ トランペット
アイオリア アイーダ トランペット
Groove mouthpiece|グルーヴマウスピース
  • ・Easy high notes
  • ・Stable low register
  • ・Great endurance
  • ・Clear articulation
  • ・More sound from less effort
  • ・Precise pitch

A revolutionary concept
The Groove Mouthpieces

Pure Titan mouthpiece|純チタン製マウスピース

Here is the world first pure titanium mouthpiece using the M.I.M technology !
This totally-new product will be a great item for all the trumpeters who are looking for new sound.