The world smallest soundproof room

e-Sax Alto

e-Sax Alto Type II

e-Sax tenor

e-Sax Tenor

Finally, a serious practice mute for Saxophones.

The only, world’s first, and breakthrough features and functions!

Reducing the output while maintaining the natural sound of saxophones.

At last, you can enjoy playing anywhere at any time.

Just put the instrument in the e-Sax, and e-Sax reduces saxophone output to a whisper at approximately -25dB. The acoustic lining material absorbs much of the sound whilst maintaining the full tonal characteristics of your instrument.
This natural sound can be enjoyed through the headphones - performing on your own or with backing tracks and play-along CDs.
* Though the sound is reduced, spare a thought for neighbours.

e-Sax beginners tend to produce more sound to compensate and this defeats the aim.
It can also make the instrument harder to play. With headphones at moderate volume setting the learner will soon develop a controlled quieter sound for even more enjoyable practice.


Yuya Yoneda (Saxophone)
(Yosuke Yamashita Quartet)

Yuya Yoneyama

It kills “many” birds with one stone!
I was so impressed when I listened to the live sound through the headphones. It was really natural. Also, e-Sax gives me a recording and “Karaoke” opportunity. Not only does e-Sax reduce the output, but also enables me to kill “many” birds with one stone!
Finally, I can play the saxophone as much as possible without giving anyone any troubles! And, I highly recommend it!!
→Go to Mr. Yoneda’s official web

Enjoy Music Minus-one and improve your improvisation.

e-Sax comes with a connecting cord, which will facilitate interactions with PC, MP3 players, or recording devices, so immediately after your purchase, you can enjoy Music Minus-one or a play-along recording (eg. Jamey Aebersold) with its 1/8 audio-in jack.

[ How to connect(Examples) ]

① For the Minus-one
 Connect AUX IN and;
 ・CD Player
 ・Mp3 Player
 ・PC(Playing software),etc

② For recording
 Connect LINE OUT and;
 ・Tape recorder
 ・PC(Recording software)
 ・IC recorder,etc

Download and links.

Download contents below are some Minus-one audio samples for trumpets, trombones, horns, and saxophones, and the links right below will show you many Minus-one audio sources. Surf the internet and be a better player!

Instrument-friendly and Player-friendly design!

Adoption of special sponge and elastomer.

Saxophones are secured in e-Sax by three parts called Neck Supporter, Bottom Pad, or Bottom Spacer.
The elastomer material of Bottom Pad and Bottom Spacer will not affect instrument finish or scratch the metal surface, and the newly designed Neck Supporter holds an instrument more securely. These features make the performance more comfortable.

Japan’s state-of-the-art materials!

Both of Alto TypeⅡ and Tenor adopt an improved sponge material for the part called “Hand Packing”, and this new flexible material allows the wrists greater comfort and flexibility.
Also, the material of the pale pink felt inside e-Sax is a leading edge fiber. The fiber absorbs moisture 3 times compared to wool and 6 times to cotton, at the minimum. The characteristics is the highest value among the respective fibers. Besides, the felt is antibacterial and mildewproofed, so this is the perfect material for e-Sax.

The newly designed Neck Supporter.

The newly designed Neck Supporter.

The special elastomer and felt.

The special elastomer and felt.

The replacement parts in stock!

Visit BB Online Shop or ask your local dealer in case you lose some parts of e-Sax.
Please refer to the part names and pricing below.

e-Sax parts
Name Fit For Price
Neck Supporter Alto , Alto TypeII 1590 JPY
Tenor 1590 JPY
A pair of
Sound absorbing felt
Alto 5800 JPY
Alto TypeII 6300 JPY
Tenor 9450 JPY
Bottom pad Alto Discontinued 1200 JPY
Alto TypeII 2650 JPY
Tenor 3150 JPY
A pair of
Top packing
Alto , Alto TypeII 210 JPY
Tenor 210 JPY
A pair of
Hand packing
Alto 4000 JPY
Alto TypeII , Tenor 4200 JPY
Bottom spacer Alto , Alto TypeII , Tenor 1050 JPY
Headphone Alto 3800 JPY
Alto TypeII , Tenor 1000 JPY
Strap Alto , Alto TypeII , Tenor 1050 JPY
Electronic module Alto 14500 JPY
Alto TypeII , Tenor 17850 JPY

(Saxophone,Professor of Music education)

Certainly, e-Sax limits the motion of wrist, and it is hard to play the lowest Bb pianissimo. However, it is amazing that e-Sax reduces the sound of Saxophone to this level with the even and precise sound quality, pitch, and intonation. e-Sax is recognized rather as “Silencer” of saxophone in the market, but I think that its true value is a function as “Sound Transformer”, which achieves tonal effects. Actually, I enjoy the wonder sound from e-Sax itself, which is moderately reduced and quiet like a distant sound even though e-Sax has a sound module that picks up sound.Of course, disciplined breath control is required to play a good sound with e-Sax, so it should be an efficient practice, although it little limits a fingering exercise. e-Sax might not be fit forbeginners but should be a great training device for players at intermediate and further level.

e-Sax開発協力者 北山 敦康 氏

Atsuyasu Kitayama